Color, Light, Energy, Healing

lindabeachI am so impressed by the results of energetic healing  that I gave up my 20 year law practice to concentrate  on learning and implementing energetic healing techniques.  All my professional roads (my background in nursing, my degree in psychology and as an estate planning attorney counseling those who are facing their own mortality) have led to Here.  If I can be of any assistance to you, let me know.

Color Therapy: Color Therapy is a subtle but powerful alternative body/mind therapy (or light therapy) which can access and transform blockages that may have begun as early as prenatal times. Color Therapy addresses a huge number of issues existing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes. Drawing from both Eastern and Western traditions, therapy is individualized to meet your needs in a Holistic fashion.  Common conditions that can be addressed energetically are pain, migraine, depression, anxiety, panic attacks organ compromises (like hyperacidity, ulcer, gallbladder pain, digestion, bowel irregularities) menopause, childhood trauma, systemic diseases (like diabetes, MS) and many others.  The modality used is Colorpuncture which involves placing light on specific points along the energy pathways of the body.

Kirlian Energy Evaluation: In each color session I take an Energy Emission Analysis kirlian image to see the energy pattern in the fingers and toes.  Then I do a treatment and take an after shot.  The after shot shows us what has changed and what hasn’t … which gives us further clues as to what needs to be addressed.

Bach Flower Essences: On its own essences provide a  gentle energetic healing of emotional conflicts. I often use them to offer support during the therapeutic healing effects of the color therapy.

Blog:  Confessions of a Guinea Pig:  Here I cover random topics in the health arena. Often the interface of traditional and complementary medicine is confusing.  This blog addresses various topics regarding both sides, but it especially chronicles my experiences in both realms.  My hope is that it will provide info and some amusement in your dance toward great health.

My office is located in Seattle, Washington. Please email me  for further information or to schedule an appointment.